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Dual controller, dual electro hydraulic converter, water turbine speed regulating system, MGC4000 se


MGC4000 series the MGC3000 series based on the technology, fault-tolerant technology, anti-interference technology of dual crossing redundant hot standby, and high performance switching power supply, and is provided with overvoltage, transient voltage protection and shielding protection, the governor control system with high security, reliability, fault tolerance and stability.

With asymmetric redundancy valve and self restoring technology application, the performance and stability of MGC4000 series of products have reached the international advanced level, our company is in the middle and large units, even large unit speed control system of main products.

It is applicable to the single / double regulating units of a series of mixed flow, axial flow blades and tubular flow units


  • Dual controller
  • Single (double) Regulation
  • Medium, large and large speed governor
  • Dual electro hydraulic redundancy converter
  • The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance
  • Reliable operation and little noise
  • Motor + proportional valve or dual proportional valve control system
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