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Dual proportional servo valve type self recovery central main distribution

This is a double proportional servo valve type main electric self-developed pressure valve, including guide vane proportional servo valve and B, double side vane fine oil filter, guide vane (blade side switching valve or proportional servo valve A and B double side blade, fine oil filter, blade side switching valve), an emergency shutdown valve and main power off automatic reset function of pressure valve.

  • The hydraulic pipeline has high integration degree
  • The time adjustment of the switch can meet the demand of large flow
  • Excellent dynamic performance and long service life
  • A purely mechanical manual operating mechanism for everyday operation
  • Leakage free design reduces maintenance times
  • Application of double precision oil filter to improve equipment reliability
  • Replacement of oil filters is allowed during operation of the equipment
  • Wooden structure, convenient installation and maintenance © Three Gorges nengshida electric Limited by Share Ltd