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Overspeed limiter

GSQ type speed limiter is turbine safety protection equipment of hydropower station, when the unit is running as the cause of the accident is higher than the rated speed rise speed of a specified value, and qiayu speed control system failure, the governor closed water guide mechanism of operation failure, over speed limiter for overspeed protection signal, the valve core in the differential pressure under the action of commutation, the governor oil pressure in the oil system was the direct operation of water guide mechanism of relay device, emergency shut-off of water guide mechanism, prevent over speed, to provide safe and reliable protection for the normal operation of hydroelectric generating units.

  • Main valve + throttle governor secondary valve
  • Throttling speed regulation is convenient and reliable
  • Compact structure and easy installation
  • Smooth movement, no noise, long service life
  • Universal design, you can choose to enter the oil stop or oil withdrawal © Three Gorges nengshida electric Limited by Share Ltd