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Single controller water turbine speed governing system MGC2000 series

介绍 summary

The MGC2000 series is a standard product control system in the series, using a single programmable controller as the core, equipped with servo motor, stepper motor or servo valve control system to achieve automatic channel control, fast response, high precision response, wide speed range and good speed performance. The regulator can regulate the function of adaptive variable parameters PID; with a frequency adjustment mode, power analog control mode, power pulse adjusting mode, the opening degree of analog control mode, and can automatically switch or manual switch according to different working conditions; to achieve the real-time correction of head start guide vane opening, no-load opening, opening limit and the cam curve function; switching between manual and automatic, the main standby regulator without disturbance; with the diagnosis, fault tolerance and fault protection function.

The hydraulic control system is equipped with a servo motor, stepper motor or servo valve actuator motor, with the original NSDEC (servo motor or stepper motor) and proportional servo valve type two from the main distribution in the complex pressure valve, can achieve the function of self restoring valve piston power failure case.

It is applicable to the single / double regulating units of a series of mixed flow, axial flow blades and tubular flow units

  • Single controller
  • Single (double) Regulation
  • Large and medium speed governor
  • The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance
  • Reliable operation and little noise
  • Motor or proportional valve control system
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