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Dual controller, single electro hydraulic converter, water turbine governing system, MGC3000 series


MGC3000 is a governor with double controller and single hydraulic conversion mechanism. Electro hydraulic conversion adopts servo motor, stepping motor or proportional servo valve and other single hydraulic conversion mechanism. Frequency measurement adopts programmable ontology and high-precision direct frequency measurement. The governor has the speed and acceleration detection, speed regulation, gateopening limit, tracking control, frequency variable structure, self diagnosis function and stability. The utility model has the functions of remote or automatic control of the unit under various operating conditions, and the speed controller can be connected with the computer monitoring system of the power station through the MB port, thereby realizing the network monitoring and control for the generating set.

It is applicable to the single / double regulating units of a series of mixed flow, axial flow blades and tubular flow units


  • Dual controller
  • Single (double) Regulation
  •  中Large-scale governor
  •  Single electro-hydraulic redundancy converter
  •  The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance
  •  Reliable operation and little noise
  • lMotor or proportional valve control system
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