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MGC6000 series of speed regulating system for Pumped Storage turbines


Pumped storage power station as a special power, has flexible operation and fast response characteristics, with peak clipping, frequency modulation, phase modulation, and black start emergency backup in various functions in power system. Compared with the conventional power, pumped storage power plant can adapt to the rapid changes of the load, the important role in improving power system safe and stable operation, power supply quality and reliability of power grid, with "Kyushin Pills".

The M G C 6000 series speed regulator is a cross full redundancy system, and the two computers communicate with each other through the T C P / I P network. Two sets of programmable microcomputer regulator system with independent power supply, stable operation of the governor: "stop waiting" and "turbine (no-load)" and "power generation" (load), "phase", "drag motivation condition, pump phase modulation (" reversal ", no load) pump condition (reverse load). Among them, the "turbine operating mode" (no-load) and "water phase modulation" (reversing no-load) is not optional stability conditions, that is, into other conditions of the necessary process. The difference between the running condition and the conventional unit is the unique working condition of the reversible unit the water pump steering (reverse) part.

The utility model is suitable for a full range of pumped storage reversible units


  • Dual controller
  •  Single (double) Regulation
  •  Medium, large and large speed governor
  • lDual electro hydraulic redundancy converter
  • lThe utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance
  • lReliable operation and little noise
  •  Motor + proportional valve or dual proportional valve control system
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