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MGC7000 series of speed regulating system of impact hydraulic turbine

介绍 summary

The MGC7000 series is my company impact type special governor series, our company in this series has a unique combination of CO injection needle control module, Pelton turbine speed control system is generally the needle all in a fixed order, in accordance with the power unit needed a control needle opening and closing control, independent needle not allowed. 
MGC7000 is a series of procedures can be used to achieve multi needle coordination control allows needle be adjusted independently while maintaining the optimal efficiency of the unit, and the needle sorting automatically change according to the working state of the injection needle, greatly optimized regulation performance, simplifies the mechanical control system. The joint control (sorting) module controls the injection needle that is put into operation.

It is suitable for all series impact units


  • Single and double controller
  • Small, medium, large, super large series of impact governor
  • Multi nozzle independent control and synchronization technology
  • Steering cooperative control
  • The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance
  • Reliable operation and little noise
  • Digital valve or proportional valve control system
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