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Proportional servo valve + servo / stepper motor type self re main

This project adopts the independent and dual control mode of main control valve, which is made of self made and super large flow diameter 200mm. It is based on independent control mode without control structure. When the governor is automatic, the oil distribution mode of the main pressure regulating valve is adjusted by controlling the proportional valve or servo / step motor, so as to realize the relative motion of the servomotor. When the governor is powered off or cut manually, the main pressure regulating valve can automatically return to the middle position to stabilize the current working condition. At this point, you can use the manual operating system to control the main pressure distribution valve, thus controlling the main relay.

  • Proportional servo valve + servo / stepper motor
  •  Dual channel redundancy for electrohydraulic converter
  • Displacement / flow type compound control main pressure regulating valve
  • Excellent dynamic performance and long service life
  • A purely mechanical manual operating mechanism for everyday operation
  • Leakage free design reduces maintenance times
  • Polymer composite filter material to ensure the quality of oil
  • Replacement of oil filters is allowed during operation of the equipment
  • The block type structure is convenient for installation and maintenance © Three Gorges nengshida electric Limited by Share Ltd