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Combination valve of oil pressure device

The combination valve is a hydraulic device with unloading, safety, check and other functions, the pump is widely used in the oil supply device, it directly affects the performance of the performance of the whole hydraulic system, hydraulic components is important in oil supply device. The company's own design and manufacture of composite valves using dual oil circuit and a few pages of timing control. Optimizing oil circuit combination technology provides more reasonable working mode and product performance, which is easy to install and adjust.

  • The degree of integration is high, the structure is compact, and the layout is simple
  • The flow passage is unobstructed, the pressure loss is small, and the service life is long
  • The safety valve is accurate, stable and small noise
  • Solenoid valve control to solve the problem of starting oil pump
  • The mechanical pilot safety valve controls the loading pressure and improves safety © Three Gorges nengshida electric Limited by Share Ltd