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LDS-2000 Computer monitoring system of hydropower plant

  • Using today's most advanced software technology development, to extend the software life cycle, protect user investment;
  • Supports popular client / server architecture and Internet/Intranet browser technology;
  • It is convenient to integrate production data into the user enterprise management system;
  • Powerful standardized interfaces (such as OLE, ActiveX, and OPC) and open application interface API to facilitate the connection of third party software;
  • Universal scripting language ANSI C/VBA, data structures and functions, simple and flexible functions;
  • Support online development and editing;
  • Control network support network, dual network, single ring network and fully redundant loop network and other type;
  • The controller of the monitoring system adopts PLC (Siemens, GE, AB, Schneider, ABB, etc.) of international famous brands. Using advanced industrial Ethernet (Industrial Ethernet) and Fieldbus Technology (such as Profibus, Canbus, Modbus) for data transmission, so as to improve the data transmission system, and the reliability and real-time ability;
  • Remote network maintenance, diagnosis and expert service functions;
  • The system platform supports Windows or Unix;
  • Excellent human-computer interaction interface, user-friendly operation, operation and management. © Three Gorges nengshida electric Limited by Share Ltd