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Accident pressure distribution valve

介绍 Summary

The SGF/C type accident pressure distribution valve is a multi channel plug-in reversing valve, which is used for the over speed protection system of hydroelectric generating sets in hydropower stations. When the speed is too high, the main pressure valve is closed, the governor refused to close the water guide mechanism of operation failure, SGF/C type emergency valve receives the overspeed protection signal and action, the governor main pressure valve is removed, the oil pressure in the oil system of the operation of relay device of water guide mechanism, emergency shut off water guide mechanism. To prevent over speed, to provide safe and reliable protection for the normal operation of hydroelectric generating units.

产品特点 Features

The product is composed of the main valve emergency valve and pilot control valve, compact structure, simple field operation, and both the electrical signal transmission, control and monitoring, the operation is safe and reliable; the main body structure of emergency valve for cartridge valve integrated form, the structure can be selected integrally, also can choose split, according to on-site installation form selection; modular structure, small volume, convenient installation; electrical status indicator; the valve core and the valve sleeve used with precision, ensure emergency valve body; the valve core with "zero leakage" composite channel control principle, to avoid vibration; accident with pilot valve control all valves using standard hydraulic components, simple maintenance. © Three Gorges nengshida electric Limited by Share Ltd