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Industrial control

PAC is the abbreviation of programmable automatic controller (Programmable Automation Controller), a new generation of industrial controller that combines the functions of PLC and PC. The utility model can be applied to various automatic control industries, and the functions of detection, monitoring and automatic control are completed. It can run independently, and can also realize complex control function by networking. Therefore, PAC system has very strong adaptability.


PACseriesOutstanding performance in the following aspects:

  • Multi-core architecture,Strong computing performance
  • The control is real-time and multitask parallel processing,Mission critical interrupt response
  • Rich instruction set,Compiled language conforms toIEC61131-3standard
  • Rich advanced application library,EmbedIEC61850standardModel


PAC series controllerhas a wide range of applications,Coverage areaInclude:

  • power electronics
  • machine vision
  • Motion control
  • process control


Registered brandis GencessThePACcontroller,It has a wide range of products:

  • PECseries
  • ACS200series


PEC controller


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