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Simulation test and diagnosis system of hydraulic turbine governor STDS-1000

Turbine governor simulation test and diagnosis system STDS-1000 is the Three Gorges nengshida electric Limited by Share Ltd for the operation performance of site operation and maintenance of hydropower station governor system testing, system analysis, speed governor factory debugging test demand and developed specialized products, with the turbine regulating system of turbine automatic test and real-time simulation of two major functions it provides data recording, index calculation, report generation and other functions for user friendly, can effectively improve the design and manufacturing of hydraulic turbine governor, debugging and fault diagnosis.


Test on control system of GBT 9652.2-2007 hydraulic turbine

Technical specification for automatic test and real-time simulation device of DLT 1120-2009 hydraulic turbine governing system

Compact size

Compact size:

Box 360mm×250mm×130mm

Line package 250mm×200mm×50mm

Light weight

Box 3 .5kg

Line package 1 kg

Excellent performance

Analog input channel accuracy 0.1%, ranging from 0 to 10V/0-20mA

Analog output channel accuracy 0.1%, range 0 ~ 10V/0-20mA

The frequency measurement channel accuracy is 0.001Hz, ranging from 0.1 to 99.999Hz, and the amplitude is 0.2 to 150V

Frequency channel step size 0.001Hz, range 0.1 ~ 99.999Hz, amplitude 0.2 ~ 10V adjustable

Switching input channel passive node / active 24V

Switch quantity; output channel; passive node

Stator current input 1A/5A

Simulation precision

The nonlinear simulation model is adopted to improve the simulation performance of hydraulic turbine governing system during large fluctuation regulation;

The simulation module of hydraulic turbine governing system is designed by using link discrete similarity algorithm, which improves the precision and real time of simulation calculation

Rich in function

The signal acquisition gateopening, wheel opening, pressure, power, frequency, circuit breakers, stator current etc.

Signal output simulation frequency, circuit breaker analog control, analog sensor (voltage / current)

Data oscilloscope also shows up to 8 signals

The static characteristic, step method, speed dead zone, general dynamic process, no-load swing test, no-load disturbance test, measurement time, load rejection test and primary frequency modulation test were carried out

Data logging, power station information, unit parameters and experimental waveforms are organized and stored in the form of Engineering folders, so that they are easy to manage.

According to the experimental data, the data analysis can be used to analyze and calculate all kinds of performance indexes and provide the reference of the national standard.

The printout supports the export of the experimental data to the word report

Convenient and practical

The standard 220V power interface is used

Ethernet communication interface is used to connect with computer

Equipped with standard DCC power cable and all kinds of pins and crocodile clips, wiring is safe and convenient © Three Gorges nengshida electric Limited by Share Ltd