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ACS200 series

The ACS200 automation control platform based on GENCESS product line is a combination of rich field experience and the latest TCP/IP technology accumulated in the two control area of the hydropower industry. Set all kinds of strong function and innovative design in a professional, from planning to operation of the system, with powerful function, simple operation principle, to provide the best technology of various automation functions and efficient, flexible and economical solutions for small and medium sized projects and complex equipment manufacturers.

Structure characteristics:

  • Simple structure, modular design, easy maintenance and replacement;
  • The metal shell has good heat dissipation and is provided with a radiating hole;
  • Multiple groove selection;
  • External LED indication;
  • Installation: 35mm wide DIN rail, fixed installation, integrated backplane bus.

Performance characteristics:

  • High stability, advanced processors, multi-core redundant architecture, high quality accessories, exquisite workmanship
  • Unified development platform, using automationstido Express,transparent access to variables and data
  • User-friendly design, module labels, LED instructions, hot plug and so on
  • Standardized languages support IEC61131-3
  • Standard bus interface, support for CAN, MODBUS, TCP_IP, PROFIBUS, etc.
  • Open technology, application of Ethernet and other open technologies to maximize system data integration
  • Real time multitask system, stable embedded operating system
  • Embedded smart standards, embedded IEC61850 standards
  • Complex control functions, with powerful floating point computing capability, large capacity memory, and support complex operation control
  • Self diagnosis, self-healing, self diagnosis of fault reset function, support remote cloud monitoring accident tracking, state detection
  • Wide range of applications, open architecture, support logic, process, movement and other controls © Three Gorges nengshida electric Limited by Share Ltd