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LDS series computer monitoring system is a new generation product that meets the market demand of the company. Its starting point is high and its function is powerful. The product design, production assembly, factory commissioning, site guidance, commissioning and training services are completed by the company independently.

The technical transformation of the computer monitoring system in Gezhouba Dam power plant has enabled our company to train and train a large number of excellent monitoring and technical personnel. From the Gezhouba Dam power plant to Sichuan power plant, Xinjiang red stone Cameroon group power plant and Chongqing power plant, Kunming sword fish slobber Zhangjiu River power station, Hubei power plant, Hubei Hubei Gudongkou Ping one or two and grade three power plant, Hainan power plant, Hubei Daguangba Zhaolaihe, Three Gorges power plant power station, Guangxi Dongsun hydropower station, Guangxi City hydropower station, Indonesia power plant, Burma power plant beautiful wanpo, LDS series monitoring system at home and abroad has more than 100 large, medium and small hydropower plant put into operation, and to high-quality products, perfect service, won the praise of users.

LDS series of computer monitoring and control system has developed into five categories, nine series covers hydroelectric power plant, water treatment plants, industrial automation and wireless measurement and control field of dozens of products, including LDS-1000, LDS-2000W intelligent monitoring system of pumping station monitoring system, water LDS-500 local computer monitoring system of hydropower plant computer control unit has passed the provincial identification, computer monitoring system of hydropower plant LDS-2000 in 2002 won the national key new product certificate, auxiliary equipment control device, computer monitoring system of hydropower plant in 2004 was included in the unit of utility equipment and electromechanical equipment of hydropower project recommended list of manufacturers, 2005 LDS series computer monitoring system software has been fully tested by the national software testing center..

LDS-2000 computer monitoring system of hydropower station based on UNIX and Windows cross platform operating system, with two operating system advantage, and with its rich experience and complete functions make it more excellent in safety, maintenance and operation of the application.

The binding energy of electric utilities in the control of many years of successful experience in the field, the current LDS-2000 series monitoring system has been upgraded to the third generation, and the international first-class standard, the products are widely used in the Three Gorges power plant, Gezhouba Dam power plant, Xiluodu power station, Xiangjiaba power station, Shanxi Xilongchi Pumped Storage Power Station, Hubei Bailianhe Pumped Storage Power Station, Jiangxi Hong screen of pumped storage power station, Guizhou Dong Qing power station and a large number of giant hydropower station. © Three Gorges nengshida electric Limited by Share Ltd