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NSD-PEC controller synthesis characteristics

High cost performance, can meet the needs of a variety of integrated functions, flexible and innovative solutions.

Powerful special functions
                High speed floating point operation unit integrated with DSP instruction;
                8 -10V~+10V analog input, 4 0V~+10V analog input, 4 way -10V~+10V analog output;
                32 digital input, 32 digital output (NSD-ICAM for 48 input and output), 4 high-speed frequency measurement channel, counting the highest clock 50MHz, 6 high-speed pulse output, the highest frequency of 50MHz.

Rich communication interface
                 1 DB9 pins, RS-232 serial port;
                1 RS-232/485 serial ports;
                1 standard CAN ports;
                2 RJ45, 10/100M Ethernet ports, support for IEC61850, MODBUS TCP protocol (NSD-ICAM with 18 pairs of fiber ports)。
Mass memory, extended 2M, RAM, 32M, FLASH.
Boolean execution speed is up to 35k/ms.
Panel LED indicator light indication.
Unified software platform Automation studio, flexible call standard function library, versatility, compatible with the IEC61131-3 standard five programming languages. © Three Gorges nengshida electric Limited by Share Ltd